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Die besten Gitarren auf dem Markt

Gerne verweise ich auf befreundete Musiker, Gitarrenlehrer, Gitarrenschulen und Hersteller die alle einen individuellen Ansatz haben und mich auf großartige Weise fördern und inspirieren.

"Nothing else matters solo" nach nur ein paar Monaten Unterricht

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Tom Hess

If you aspire to become a professional musician and earn a living with your passion…


Song Writer & Produzenten

If you like Tom Petty, Jack Johnson, and Neil Young, you should check out Denver Americana Rock…


Online Music Ressources

Confused and put off by music theory? It’s probably not your fault: you just need a teacher…



Most guitar lessons for teens in Rochester are approached using a cookie cutter method for teenagers…


Tom Hess

If you aspire to become a professional musician and earn a living with your passion, you will need to know what it really takes to break into the music industry. Contrary to popular belief, your potential for success in music is not determined by “who you know” or by “getting lucky”. And although you might be very talented musically, this alone won’t get you where you want to be in the music business. Check out these free music career resources.

Song Writer und Produzenten

If you like Tom Petty, Jack Johnson, and Neil Young, you should check out Denver Americana Rock songwriter, Ken K. You will love his music.

Looking for guitar music to download? Get a free album download of electric guitar music by checking out this site of Belgium blues guitarist Antony Reynaert. This free album is full of expressive electric guitar solos.

In 2014 Nadia Marisa released her Debut – EP HOPE. The EP features four tracks. Her songs are full of life and with meaning.

Positive, melodious, and fricking brutal. The use of progressive metal is diverse as it is enchanting. Download free music today at Fortis Amor.

Online Music Ressources

Confused and put off by music theory? It’s probably not your fault: you just need a teacher that will show you the right things in the right order. Check out these great guitar theory lessons that will help you finally make sense of music theory and how to apply it!

Ready to pull your hair out from the frustration you are feeling with your acoustic guitar playing. I know exactly how you feel because I have felt this way before too. However, what helped improve my guitar playing dramatically was regular lessons from a good guitar teacher who could show me what to do, and what not to do. Check out my online acoustic guitar instruction today and get on the right track to your guitar playing success.

Great blues guitar websites are very rare. If you want the best lessons on how to play guitar online check out this blues guitar website and Learn Blues Guitar now.

One of the worst things you can do for your songwriting is stop learning new ways to express yourself musically. When you learn how to write songsusing a variety of songwriting techniques, you will increase your options and amplify your musical expression ability.

Guitar lessons are great, but they are only part of what every guitar player needs in order to practice guitar well. You need to learn new things from your guitar teacher and have a personalized guitar practice schedule.

Positive, melodious, and fricking brutal. The use of progressive metal is diverse as it is enchanting. Download free music today at Fortis Amor.


Most guitar lessons for teens in Rochester are approached using a cookie cutter method for teenagers. Instructors assume they’re all the same. If you have a young teenager looking to pursue music more seriously, then I suggest you take a look at my page.

World’s cheapest guitar lessons . If you are looking for cheap lessons your are in the wrong place.I can explain why Guitar Lessons New Havenis the right place to go.

Let’s face it: trying to learn guitar on your own—whether it’s through music books or random Youtube videos—is difficult. Even if you spend years studying on your own, you’re wasting a LOT of valuable time that you could be using to achieve your higher musical goals. Sign up for electric or acoustic guitar lessons in Maryville, TN and get on the fast track to becoming an amazing guitar player and make up for all that wasted time.

Du stehst auf Metal/ Rock/ Blues, konnest bisher aber nur Gitarrenlehrer finden, die auf Klassik oder Jazz spezialisiert sind? Das hilft dir nur bedingt weiter und kann sehr frustrierend werden. Verschwende keine Zeit mehr und lerne Rockgitarre in Potsdam!

Get rid of your guitar frustration and start playing great today. Not all Grand Rapids Guitar Lessons are the same. Get guitar lessons that will help you develop the essential skills you need to play guitar the way you want.

Rock guitar lessons in Slidell. Want to shave off years of slow progress learning guitar? Learn to properly practice the guitar and streamline your path to mastery of your instrument. Call and book your free intro lesson today!

We hear all the time how having a Maui guitar coach from Maui music school is one of the most fun and life changing things ever! Whether you just need a push in the right direction or you want a musical coach who’s willing to break down walls for you then consider mauis premier guitar coaching tm.

Want to learn campfire songs and be able to wow your friends with how fast you’ve been able to learn to play your acoustic guitar? Then we are the obvious choice for you! Contact us today if you are searching for acoustic guitar lessons in Edmonton, and you will not regret it!

Are you looking at how to play rock, metal or pop guitar? Electric Guitar tuition and teaching in East London is here to offer a variety of programmes for their students to advance their playing. Offering a selection of courses and programmes to suit individual’s tastes.

If you can read you can play guitar. Take the best Blacktown guitar lessons . Be on stage in no time!

Are you looking for guitar lessons for your child? Then check out this page on guitar lessons for kids in Rochester to take a closer look at different teaching approaches. Make sure your kid doesn’t settle for winged uninspiring lessons.

Premium guitar instruction in Monroe, WI is now available. Lessons are given for all ages. A variety of styles can be covered according to your musical goals.

Are you an aspiring guitarist in Brisbane, Australia? Are you feeling frustrated with your lack of progress? Then check out to find out more about how Nick Tschernez of New Times Learning Centre can help you.

Frustrated because you’re stuck in a rut and don’t know how to get better? Get an in depth guitar assessment from one of the best guitar teachers in Utah and discover what is holding you back. Contact me today for your free guitar assessment and turn your weaknesses into strengths!

Are you looking for guitar lessons in Winchester? Have fun learning the quick and effective way using tried, tested and highly effective methods. Take a trial lesson for free.

Out of all the vocal techniques out there today. The one prized above all others, especially for males, is the ability to belt. If you want to belt your going to be hardpressed to find yourself a teacher who teaches it. Most believe it can’t be done safetly or they don’t know how to teach it. If you want to learn to belt and learn how to do it safetly then check out Rochesters Rock Voice Lessons.

Want to start taking Guitar Lessons in 33183 today and become the musical artist you’ve always dreamed of? Richard will train you how to overcome all of your guitar playing problems. Call 786-708-1408 today and find out about our special intro offer!

Learning guitar doesn’t have to be frustrating. You need the Best Guitar Lessons in Fresno to reach your guitar playing goals quicker and with fast results. Book your FREE guitar lesson now.

Looking for a Ukulele teacher in Dublin? You can get the basics down in 2 months! Check out Dublin Ukulele Lessons.

Have you been searching for a professional guitar teacher in Gravesend?. Get the best help in your local area with the best guitar lessons to suit you. Not all guitar lessons are created equal!

Looking for a Rock Guitar Teacher in Kuala Lumpur? Take your first step to becoming the guitar player you’ve always dreamed of. Stop wasting time with ineffective strategies, and invest your time into getting real results.

Seattle rock guitar lessons for kids, teens, and adults. Give yourself or your child the best musical foundation and education possible. A complete learning experience including guitar, songwriting, improvisation, lead guitar skills, performance training, concerts, and much more. Contact us today to find out more.

Invest in your own learning and your future by expanding your guitar skills. Live out your childhood dreams. Be the rock star you always wish you could be by finding guitar teachers and lessons in London. Start your musical journey on the guitar by getting the right education.

Learning guitar made simple! Do you know anyone looking for guitar lessons in Totowa NJ? Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been playing for a while, Master Your Guitar Music Academy is the #1 place to be if you want to learn quickly, and become the guitar player you always wanted to be!

Are you frustrated with over priced guitar lessons in Raynham? Study from the most effective guitar teacher in the Raynham area and learn how to take your guitar playing to the next level. Call today for a free trial guitar lesson in the Raynham area.

Are you searching for the best children’s guitar lessons in Maidstone? Choose a music school that not only makes learning fun but focuses on young musicians sticking with learning. Our expert teachers will get your young one playing and enjoying music in no time!

Er du forældre til et barn, der har udtrykt interesse for at lær at spille børneguitar, sÃ¥ er du kommet til rette sted. Jeg tilbyder guitarundervisning specielt rettet mod børn og unge. Kontakt mig for et uforpligtende møde og lad os sammen finde ud af, hvad der passer bedst til netop dit barn.

Bez obzira da li si pocetnik ili si iskusan gitarist, uvijek mozes nauciti jos nesto novo ako posjetis najbolje Instrukcije za Gitaru u Zadru. Sve lekcije su besplatne. Takodjer mozes i rezervirati svoju besplatnu privatnu lekciju gitare.

3Are you looking for Dun Laoghaire piano lessons? Look no further if you want to learn your own favourite songs. Learn to read music and play by ear, without worrying about passing exams.

You have the potential to become the guitar player of your dreams. You can play like you’ve always wanted to, and you don’t need “luck” or “natural talent” to do it. What you need are the best guitar lessons in Etobicoke, Ontario.

Are you thinking about learning guitar? Do you feel lost with all the information out there? The best way to get started is with a great teacher who can help you get over that “beginner’s hump” as fast as possible, so check out these Iowa City guitar lessons today!

You’re never too old to start playing guitar! Take Adult guitar lessons in Ruston and start doing something you’ve always wanted.

Learning guitar can be frustrating. What should you learn? When should you learn it? How do you practice it?

Do you live around Homewood, Alabama and want to play guitar? Start yourself or a loved one off right with great guitar lessons that will have you playing in no time. Take a look at Guitar lessons near Homewood.

Whether you are just beginning to play the guitar, or have lots of experience but would like to move further, check out these guitar lessons in Dun Laoghaire.

If you’re looking for the best voice, violin, piano, or guitar lessons in Fort Worth, you’ve come to the right place. The Ridglea School of Music is DFW’s most effective school for helping students reach their goals. With recitals, clinics, and jam sessions, we offer greater value than average schools and have fun along the way!

Have you ever considered learning how to play the guitar? At Learn to Play Guitar London we are based in Stratford, with Darryl as the owner of the guitar playing institute. We are here to help you reach your guitar playing goals.

Do you live in North East Ohio? Want to learn how to play like your favorite guitarist or bass player Guitar Lessons Geauga will help you reach your goals.

If you are searching for Edmonton piano lessons, then your search is finally over. We have a competent faculty of piano teachers with many years of experience in both playing and teaching the piano to children and adults alike. Contact us at your earliest convenience!

Have you always wanted to learn to write songs? Or maybe to understand more about how your favourite songs are put together and what makes them so effective artistically? Find out more with Edinburgh songwriting.

Guitar lessons in the Elk Valley are right here in front of you. If you want to become a great guitar player bad enough, I know I can help you reach those goals. Have fun, make great progress, and make great friends.

Been thinking about voice lessons in Boston? Boston Singing Lessons offer the best voice lessons in the Middlesex and Greater Boston area. You owe it to yourself to start your training today. Learn how to hit high notes without breaking, reduce straing, and increase the power in your voice.

At Croydon Guitar Tuition, we offer guitar tuition programmes for beginners and intermediate students between the ages of 7 and 700! If you are looking for guitar lessons in Croydon and are serious about getting started or improving your current level of playing, you need to visit our site now and tell us more about where you want to be with yout playing.

Curious about guitar lessons? No matter what your musical challenges are you will be able to play what you want in the shortest time possible! Become the guitarist you have always dreamed of!

Stai cercando del materiale didattico per organizzare meglio il studio della chitarra? Scorri tra le risorse e gli articoli del sito. Contatta Andrea Sperando per ricevere materiale approfondito.

Gitarren-Unterricht Hiltrup ist eine innovative Gitarrenschule in Hiltrup. Hier ist Gitarre lernen Sinn stiftend und bereit Freude. Kinder und Erwachsene genießen die gelöste, freundliche Atmosphäre und vor allem die schnellen Fortschritte.

Looking for the best guitar lessons in Olympia, WA? Nicholas Anderson offers innovative programs and formats to help you reach your goals. Sign up for your free introductory lesson today!

Training your mind and not just your hands is a missing key ingredient that most guitar players never think about. Although playing the guitar is a physical activity, it is your mind that requires the most focus. Getting the best guitar lessons on the Gold Coast that offers training on this neglected skill, will set you apart and make you a better guitar player and musician.

Ready to get out of the crowd and onto the stage? Get effective guitar instruction from a professional teacher who likes to have fun and is dedicated to helping you reach your goals. Guitar lessons in Mesa, AZ

Looking for guitar lessons in the Halifax area? Halifax Guitar Lessons provides the most effective lessons in the area. Visit our website today to learn more about the best way to learn how to play the guitar and avoid the frustrations that are typically the result of trying to do it the wrong way. We are ready to help you move forward and reach all of your guitar playing goals!

Singing Lessons Near Medford Malden And Somerville – We are the #1 provider for voice lessons in the Medford, Malden and Somerville area. We offer a number of performance opportunities throughout the year for our student to get a feel of what it’s like to be a rock star. Even if you are starting singing for fun and your own enjoyment, we would love to help you learn more about your voice. Find your voice today with our help.

Boston Guitar Teacher Lauren Bateman can help you learn how to play the guitar. Whether you are a teenager, college student, adult or retired, she can help you reach you goals. You are never too old to start learning and instrument. Guitar helps kee the mind active in old age and is beneficial to young children. Start learning to play the guitar today.

Playing guitar is a lot of fun. Many people try to do it all by themselves and end up discouraged and quit. Find all the answers to any of your guitar playing problems at Seattle guitar lessons. Signup today and get started with a free introductory session.

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Get the best guitar lessons in Littleton, CO at Littleton Guitar School. Don’t waste your time with ineffective guitar teachers. Learn from the best guitar teacher in Littleton, Highlands Ranch, Centennial, and Denver area.

Wollen Sie eine Melodie fuer Ihre Freunde schreiben? Vielleicht mal ein Paar Ihre Lieblingssongs spielen lernen. gitarre lernen anfaenger kann die richtige Sache fuer Sie sein. Es ist einfach und wird Spass machen.

Do you love the guitar and wish you were better at it? Are you a beginner guitarist looking to get started correctly? Work with Charlie Long if you want the best rock, blues and metal guitar lessons in St. Louis, Missouri.

Are you frustrated with the amount of progress you are making with your singing? Improve your tone, ear and range with the best Dublin voice lessons. You won’t believe the difference it will make to your singing!

Are you a rock or funk guitar player who is looking for the best Manchester NH guitar lessons ? All levels welcome. Learn in a relaxed, encouraging environment.

Do you need electric guitar lessons in Lincoln for yourself or your kid? Get to know how to play the guitar and achieve the desired skill level with the best guitar instructor in Lincoln. You get the unrivaled chance to meet other music artists, share experiences and even work on projects together. The guitar playing process will be less of a challenge or frustration and more of a fun experience that satisfies your inner fulfillment.

Does your guitar soloing suck? Learning to express your inner rock god can take years of painful trial-and-error but it doesn’t need to be this way. For ten years, Huntingdon Guitar School has been teaching guitarists in Huntingdonshire how to improvise better guitar solos. Give us a call today to see how we can transform your guitar soloing.

Pianos are among the most popular musical instruments in the world, from legends such as Ray Charles, to grade school learners, learning piano is an integral part of music. If you have dreams of performing professionally or simply want to learn the piano to entertain your guests the next time you throw a party, then piano lessons Omahais the best place for you to start. We will have you dazzle your friends with only the help of our tailored music lessons.

Ben je op zoek naar gitaarlessen die echt werken en woon je in Haarlem? Boek dan nu een gratis proefles

Isn’t music about creativity? It certainly should be, so check out the best guitar lessons in Toronto and start unlocking your creative potential to learn and play your favourite songs, write your own songs, compose and improvise. It’s time to turn up the heat and blaze your own trail!

Have you been struggling trying to learn how to play classical guitar? Are you stuck trying to figure out how to properly play your favorite pieces? Take a look at Guitar Lessons in Richland, Tri-Cities WA. Don’t waste anymore time, sign up for a FREE Introductory Guitar Lesson!

Always wanted to play amazing solos? Well here are some amazing Lead Guitar Lessons in Shreveport! Check this out, and you’ll be flying up and down that guitar in no time!

Cerchi un insegnate di chitarra in Ticino che sia in grado di rendere le lezioni di chitarra divertenti per tuo figlio, oltre che efficaci. Massimo Canonaco è l’ insegnante di chitarra giusto per le tue esigenze. Regala a tuo figlio un ambiente di apprendimento stimolante: contatta subito Locarno Guitar Lessons.

Are you looking for a guitar teacher in Smyrna? A teacher who can have you playing MUSIC and not just a bunch of chords, scales and (often) unrelated “song parts”? Try a free intro session with La Vergne Smyrna Guitar Lessons and start your musical journey today.

Somerville Piano Lessons – Looking for piano of keyboard lessons near Somerville. We teach many student from the Somerville and Boston area. They love the convenience of free parking and less traffic than going into the city. We have a number of piano teachers to choose from, so we are sure that we can find the right fit for you. Start with a consultation lesson to learn more about how we can help you.

Our unique Piano and Keyboard lessons allow student to learn to play music together. This is so much more fun for our students and the results they get are amazing. Imagine learning much quicker than you could on your own. Let our qualified instructor help you learn to play music today.

If you are looking for Guitar Lessons in London with an experienced and well respected tutor. You need to contact Darryl Powis and talk about your goals. All ages and abilities are welcome.

Looking for the best Guitar Lessons in Oakville? Come study at Pro Guitar Studio, where you can learn to play the guitar in a fun and exciting studio environment

Looking for the best guitar lessons in Lehi? The Rock Academy is the place to be if you want to learn guitar faster, play your favorite songs, and impress all your friends. Come in for a free assessment to see how we can help you get on the path of reaching your goals faster.

Uchitel’ igry na gitare v Moskve. Esli vy hotite nauchit’sja kruto igrat’ na gitare v Moskve, to vam sjuda. Opytnyj uchitel’ i nastavnik pomozhet vam igrat’ tak, kak vy vsegda mechtali.

Musiikista voi tulla palkitseva harrastus ja jopa urakin! Siihen vaaditaan muunmuuassa soittotaitoa vaativissa tilanteissa, monipuolista osaamista ja soitossa saisi olla persoonallisuutta. Siksi sinun kannattaiasi tutustua, millaista on pianonsoiton opetus Turussa.

Have you ever wanted to learn your favourite songs? Maybe you want to jam with friends or just learn to play your favourite songs on an acoustic guitar? Stop dreaming and make it a reality by taking the best acoustic and electric guitar lessons in Stowmarket.

Are you looking for a new hobby; something fun to do at home? Why not learn to play guitar? Learning to play guitar with the help of a great instructor makes the learning process FUN instead of BORING! Click here to try the best guitar lessons near Kettle Falls today and see how fun guitar really is!

Guitar Teacher Near Malden – You have just found the best guitar teacher in the Malden area. We have helped hundreds of students learn to play both electric and acoustic guitar. Some have joined bands, others have gone on to record their own music. Start reaching for your dreams today.

In addition to learning from your local guitar teacher you should also be sure that you have a customized guitar practice routine. Check out this website to get your customized guitar practice schedule.

Thomas Pfeiffer

Ich habe vor Jahren das Gitarrespielen angefangen und schon immer eine riesige Begeisterung dafür gehabt. Es fehlte aber immer an der richtigen Übungstechnik und oft auch an der Motivation um wirklich etwas hinzubekommen.


Thomas Pfeiffer

Als ich vor knapp zwei Jahren angefangen habe Unterricht bei JS Rockgitarre zu nehmen, konnte ich gerade mal ein paar “Lagerfeuerakkorde” auf der Akustikgitarre spielen und kam im Selbststudium einfach nicht mehr weiter. Dank Jens habe ich es dann aber sehr schnell geschafft Fortschritte zu machen, so dass ich mittlerweile nicht nur mein ursprüngliches Ziel, Barré-Akkorde greifen zu können, erreicht habe, sondern auch viele weitere Erfolge verbuchen konnte. Obwohl ich zu Beginn noch nicht einmal etwas mit einem Plektrum anfangen konnte, folgte bald der Umstieg auf die E-Gitarre und Jens schaffte es sehr schnell mir diverse (auch fortgeschrittene) Techniken beizubringen. Besonders gut gefällt mir auch, dass Jens stets darauf bedacht ist nicht nur die technischen Grundlagen zu vermitteln, sondern mich auch auf kreativer Ebene gezielt fördert und mich immer wieder dazu animiert meine Komfortzone zu verlassen.

Simone Wallenstein

Ich habe vor Jahren das Gitarrespielen angefangen und schon immer eine riesige Begeisterung dafür gehabt. Es fehlte aber immer an der richtigen Übungstechnik und oft auch an der Motivation um wirklich etwas hinzubekommen.


Simone Wallenstein

Ich habe vor Jahren das Gitarrespielen angefangen und schon immer eine riesige Begeisterung dafür gehabt. Es fehlte aber immer an der richtigen Übungstechnik und oft auch an der Motivation um wirklich etwas hinzubekommen.
Jens hat es von der ersten Stunde an geschafft mit nur kleinen Verbesserungen, Tipps und Übungen riesige Unterschiede bei mir zu erzielen. Er greift genau die Problempunkte an die zu den schnellsten ersten Erfolgen führen und ist ein richtiger Motivationskünstler. So viel Spaß an der Sache hatte ich lange nicht.

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